The Vision

A world where there is no difference between real / live sound and sound reproduced by a loudspeaker. A world where audio engineers, consumers, music-lovers and film viewers expects 100% accurate reproduction of sound - the perfect illusion with all the transparency, details and imaging we know from the real world. This is the vision of Dynaudio Professional - a world where you trust what you hear without even thinking about loudspeakers. 


The Mission

Develop, innovate and manufacture state of the art monitors that can be trusted 100% by audio engineers and artists. Everything we do is centered at the artists that work with audio and demands transparent and accurate reproduction of sound - our customers.

After all, it is the very same artists that in return give us productions and art that make it all worthwhile. We constantly challenge ourselves and innovate in search of further improvement and perfection of sound reproduction.

Our customers Include some of the most demanding studios, engineers, producers and production environments throughout the world. We are proud of our customers and what they achieve.


The History

Dynaudio was founded in Denmark in 1977 with a focus on creating the ultimate Hi-fi speakers. Later, the market approach was expanded to include the automotive market supplying high-end car installations for VW and Volvo executive class cars. After experiencing overwhelming interest from the professional audio market, Dynaudio  decided to establish a subdivision in 1992 with the sole purpose of creating professional monitors.

In 1999 Dynaudio Professional and TC Electronic entered into a strategic alliance. Since then, a major leap forward has been taken within the sphere of professional monitors, due especially to the sharing of knowledge  between the two companies.

Today, Dynaudio Professional stands at the pinnacle of monitor technology - not only performance wise, but also in the areas of calibration and networking - supplying unsurpassed stereo and surround monitoring systems for world leading broadcast companies, music and post production studios, computer game developers and other significant players in the professional audio market.


Dynaudio Professional is distributed worldwide by TC Group



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