Craftsmanship and Originality

Most monitors rely on the simplest of electromagnetics principles. By passing current through a coil in the presence of a magnetic field, a force is generated. As a result, the driver is one of the most vital parts of a monitor and so we chose to focus on the research and development of unique driver technology and to improve upon every element of the conventional designs. 

Furthermore, we chose to avoid the use of conventional technologies like compression drivers, horns and metal domes. Instead, we make use of ultra-lightweight aluminum wire and aluminum voice coils, which make it possible to reduce the mass of the voice coil while at the same time increase its diameter and length. Naturally, this has a dramatically positive impact on the dynamic range.

The unusual choice of pure aluminum for the voice coils is one of the outstanding features of Dynaudio driver technology. Thanks to the tremendous light weight advantage over conventional designs based on the heavier copper alternative, we have achieved larger diameters and more coil windings - enabling greater linear movement and high reliability, without any compression.


Reliability and Quality

A very comprehensive test program maintains Dynaudio Professional's world-renowned standard of high quality and reliability. Every single Dynaudio Professional driver is thoroughly tested with more than 100 quality checks from raw materials to finished systems. Quality is the primary objective in the making of Dynaudio Professinal monitor systems. The time used on each driver is on average 15 times longer compared to speaker manufacturers in general. We guarantee that any Dynaudio Professional driver anywhere will match our demanding requirements for a lifetime of regular use.


Listening to the Sum of Details

Every Dynaudio monitor is the sum of the many details that have been carefully designed and developed through more than 20 years of experience and innovative thinking. But when it comes to the listening situation, it is the sum of all these details, the synergy of every single part, that produces the final result. That is exactly where Dynaudio Professional's products are second to none.

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