M3VE is the ultimate main monitoring solution, combining world-class driver and cabinet technology from Dynaudio Professional with cutting-edge signal processing and amplification from Lab.gruppen and Lake.

The Dynaudio Professional M3VE monitor system that takes monitoring to a whole new level with a significant upgrade from its predecessor - the renowned M3A 3-way monitor. To top it off, the speakers are powered by the four channel Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amplifier, using the integrated Lake active cross-over between LF and MF, while passively filtering the MF/HF cross-over point.

Sporting the newest and most pristine Dynaudio ESOTAR² driver technology, M3VE takes over where most other monitor systems give up. With unsurpassed attention to detail, underpinned by an impressive 22Hz - 21kHz frequency response and beyond 133dB SPL, M3VE leaves no room for desire in terms of resolution, range or sheer power.

Different from its sister monitor M3XE, a set of M3VE's is powered by a single PLM10000Q Lab.gruppen four channel amplifier, using the integrated Lake active cross-over between LF and MF, while passively filtering the MF/HF cross-over point.

The cutting-edge combination of Lab.gruppen and Lake processing technology forms the ultimate backing for M3VE and ensures unlimited power and the tools for optimizing any room to become the perfect listening environment.

In short, M3VE surpasses any and all main monitor expectations!



M3VE Monitor Features

  • Unique linear phase frequency response
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 25kHz
  • Dual 12" ESOTAR² Woofers, aluminum voice coil
  • Dual 6" Midrange drivers, MSP cone, 75mm aluminum voice coil
  • 1.1" (28mm) ESOTAR² Soft-dome tweeter, aluminum voice coil
  • Max. SPL (short term peak @ 1m): 133 SPL
  • Heavy internal damping for minimum cabinet resonance
  • Dimensions: 555mm (W) x 775mm (H) x 505mm (D)
  • Weight:  143 lbs./ 65 kg.



Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q 

The PLM 10000Q amplifier is based on technology from Lab.gruppen's highly acclaimed and road-proven FP+ series, but goes the extra mile for even greater sustained output power: an impressive 4 x 2,300 watts! Basically, the power amplifier technology is Lab.gruppen's patented Class TD amplifier design that offers the proven efficiency of Class D amplification with the amazing, sonic purity of Class B designs, but that is not all. A new circuit provides substantially greater current-carrying capabilities, and the Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) is optimized to deliver full power during long low-frequency bursts as well as maintain stable rail voltages despite fluctuating line voltage. Further, PLM 10000Q offers extreme power density, patented intercooler cooling, a full suite of protection features and a Power Average Limiter (PAL) that prevents tripping of mains breakers. Finally, advanced cross-overs inside the PLM 10000Q feed its four output stages, allowing for optimized RMS and true-peak limiter settings for the lo and mid/hi drivers. 

In other words, the PLM 10000Q amplifier delivers exactly the kind of pure and reliable power that is worthy of a set of high-end monitors such as Dynaudio Acoustic's M3A. 



Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q main features and specifications 

  • 2350 W per channel @ 2 ohms, 2300 W per channel @ 4 ohms, 1300 W per channel @ 8 ohms**
  • 2 unit 19" chassis weighing only 13.5 kg
  • Input connection: Analog, Digital, Dante
  • Class TD® output stage
  • Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™)
  • Copper-finned Intercooler® with transverse-mounted output devices
  • Full suite of protection and fault monitoring features
  • Digitally controlled 'amplifier gain' adjustable in 0.1 dB steps from 22 to 44 dB
  • Digital output attenuation in 0. 25 dB steps from -inf to 0 dB
  • Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiting (ISVPL™) adjustable in 0.1 V steps from 17.8 to 153 V
  • Power Average Limiter (PAL)

**More power available when driven asymmetrically. 

Lake processing

Having the perfect monitors and amplifier is one thing. Making them deliver divine audio quality in any room is another - and this is where unique Lake processing makes all the difference. Lab-gruppen's PLM 10000Q amplifers holds two full-featured Lake Processor modules, each offering precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalization and limiting that provide you with unparalleled power to correct, shape and optimize your sound in any control room. 

Exclusive Lake Processing algorithms are included for Raised Cosine Equalization, linear phase crossovers, LimiterMax loudspeaker protection, and Iso-Float ground isolation. Raised Cosine Equalization is the foundation for the Lake Mesa EQ and the Ideal Graphic EQ, the two revolutionary EQ interfaces used by the Dolby Lake Processor. Mesa EQ offers asymmetric filtering to match the asymmetric responses of many loudspeaker systems while the Ideal Graphic EQ offers true sum-to-flat response, so the adjustments provide uniform boost and cut along with greater selectivity.

Mesa EQ gives you a faster and more effective optimization tool that can truly match the asymmetrical responses of loudspeakers. 

Ideal Graphic EQ uses Raised Cosine Filters that provide better selectivity than conventional filters as they sum to flat for true response equalization. 


 Lake processing main features and specifications 

  • Raised Cosine Equalization™
  • Linear phase and classical crossovers
  • LimiterMax™ - peak and RMS limiters
  • Iso-Float™ ground isolation
  • Super Module capability
  • Integration of third-party frequency measurement and analysis via Lake Analyzer Bridge





Technical Specifications - M3VE

  • Model M3VE
  • System 3-way Active Main Monitor
  • Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB) 22 Hz - 21 kHz
  • Peak SPL 1m, pair (IEC Short Term) > 133 dB peak
  • Amplifier minimum 2 x Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q
  • Resonance Frequency 24 Hz
  • Internal Cabinet Volume 145 liters
  • Bass Principle Bass reflex
  • Amplifier 1/2 Lab-gruppen PLM10000Q (2 channels pr speaker). Preset: M3VE V05
  • Tweeter Esotar² 28 mm soft dome Magnetic fluid, Metal rear chamber, Pure alu wire voice coil, 4 mm die-cast alu front, Neodym magnet material
  • Midranges 15 cm with 75 mm diameter pure aluminum wire voice coil, one-piece molded MSP cone
  • Woofer Esotar 30 cm with 75 mm diameter pure copper wire voice-coil, MSP-cone, long stroke
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxL) 555 x 775 x 505 mm
  • Cabinet 25mm MDF, strategically braced and damped. Low turbulence reflex-ports. Separate chambers for each woofer.
  • Crossover Woofers/hightone: active dsp-based, in-amp Lake processor. Midrange/tweeter: passive wir air-coils only, low dielectrium capacitors and zero-compression resistors.
  • (Specs can change without notice)

Technical Specifications - PLM10000Q

  • Model PLM10000Q
  • Number of amplifier channels 4
  • Peak total output all ch. driven 10800 W
  • Pr. Channel (all ch. driven, 4 ohms) 2300 W
  • THD+N A-to-D @1kHz <0.00033%
  • Internal Sample Rate 96 kHz
  • Digital Input S-rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
  • Limiting Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiting (ISVPL™ ) adjustable in 0.1 V steps from 17.8 to 153
  • Weight 30 lbs / 13.5 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 483 mm (19”), 88 mm (2 U), Overall 470 mm (18.5”) deep including handles and rear support

PLM10000Q Details
PLM10000Q Details
PLM10000Q Details

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