NEW BM mkIII Series


There's a reason why we are chosen by ear: industry-leading sound quality and performance.
Now we continue this tradition with the new BM mkIII Series. Check out each of the new BM mkIII monitors and BMS II subwoofers from the menu above.


IsoAcoustics Monitor Stands 

When we started looking for the best solution for isolating the BM mkIII monitors from the surface, we found that IsoAcoustics provide the best and most flexible product on the market.

Therefore, we formed a partnership with IsoAcoustics that allowed us to bundle every BM Compact mkIII, BM5 mkIII, BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII with a dual-branded stand that also allows you to angle your monitors slightly upwards or downwards in order to match your listening position perfectly. 

The ISO-L8R155 is bundled with BM Compact mkIII and BM5 mkIII, while the ISO-L8R200 is included with BM6 mkIII and B12 mkIII.

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