AIR Control

Configuration and Installation Software for AIR
Available for Mac, PC and Windows-Based Tablets

AIR is a complete and networked solution for critical monitoring found in thousands of studios globally, and our AIR Control software gives you complete editing, saving and preset-based recall of room adaptation DSP, precise timing and SPL calibration, bass management and monitor control in AIR systems configurations spanning 2.0 to 7.1.

Ultimate Calibration
AIR Control allows you to carry out advanced calibration and alignment of your AIR monitoring system. The software provides access to advanced tools and features inside AIR monitors and subwoofers including timing and SPL calibration and parametric EQs for each monitor.

Custom Presets
You may also define and store custom setups and presets with selective parameter locking, and a special measurement mode provides EQ line signal out from selected monitors.

Super Intuitive User Interface
The new AIR Control application design is easy to use and an even more efficient way to fine-tune a complete, digital AIR monitoring system and it runs on Mac, PC and Windows-based tablets.



The AIR Control software was developed in close collaboration with TC Electronic, and is available here:

 Download Air Control


In order to connect AIR monitors to your computer, you need a dedicated AIR Cable Package (Item 995282002), which is sold separately through the TC Group reseller network and webstore.

Buy the AIR Cable Package Online

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  • Advanced Configuration, Calibration and Installation software for Dynaudio AIR
  • Reference Levels Control for Calibrated Listening
  • Advanced bass management with variable X-over frequencies
  • EQ Link - Group your speakers using up to 3 EQ-groups
  • Advanced Locking of Parameters
  • Front Panel Control Lock
  • Setups can be saved as presets
  • For MAC and PC

Per Monitor controls

  • Four Band Parametric Precision EQ
  • Adjustment of individual Delay Times and Calibration Levels
  • Role and Room Position Control
  • Test Tone Generator

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