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A complete and networked solution for critical monitoring. Stereo to multichannel, analogue to full digital path, AIR is consistent, reliable and transparent. 

•  A complete monitor range of near to mid-field for small studios to OB vans on up.
•  Consistent performance across the range - matching +/- 0.2dB.
•  All monitors feature DSP room adaptation.
•  Integrated precision SPL calibration for consistent levels in all sessions.
•  Film settings, bass management, specialized multichannel setups and more.
•  Setup via direct access on monitors or with expanded control via AIR Control Software.

AIR 5.1 setup


Two-way active nearfield monitor - 6.9" woofer and 1.1" soft dome tweeter.  40 Hz - 22 kHz.  Peak SPL:  128 dB

AIR 12

Two-way active nearfield monitor - 8" woofer and 1.1"soft dome tweeter.  37 Hz - 22kHz.  Peak SPL: 128 dB

AIR 15

Two-way active nearfield monitor - 10" woofer and 1.1" soft dome tweeter.  33 Hz - 22 kHz.  Peak SPL:  128 dB

AIR 20

Three-way active nearfield monitor - 10" woofer, 5.5" midrange and 1.1 soft dome tweeter.  31 Hz - 22 kHz. Peak SPL 131 dB

AIR 25

Three way active near/midfield monitor - two 10" woofers, 5.5" midrange and 1.1" soft dome tweeter.   28 Hz - 22 kHz.  Peak SPL 134 dB


250 W Active subwoofer, 10" woofer, 25 Hz - bssmng: 120 Hz, LFE: 2.5 kHz


500W Active subwoofer, 12" woofer, 22 Hz - 200 Hz adjustable


700W Active subwoofer, two 12" woofers, 20 Hz - 200 Hz adjustable

AIR Remote

When working with wide dynamic range audio, it is essential to control volume at the latest possible stage to assure maximum resolution at all times. The AIR Remote gives this control with low noise, perfect tracking across multiple channels, and the ability to con¬trol the level regardless of the condition of the surrounding equipment. There are three storable reference levels, presets, and mute/solo functionality, too.

AIR Control Software

Our AIR Control application for Mac and PC, allows you to carry out advanced calibration and alignment of your AIR monitoring system. The software provides access to advanced tools and features inside AIR monitors and subwoofers including timing and SPL calibration and parametric EQs for each monitor. AIR Control lets you define and store custom setups and presets with selective parameter locking, and a special measurement mode provides EQ line signal out from selected monitors.

AIR Firmware Update
AIR Firmware Update
AIR Firmware Update


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